HERE COMES TROUBLE​ for little and big kids


"The songs are raining hilarity ... “Goo on My Shoe” will be the fun soundtrack for our next road trip." - Manhattan Family and Brooklyn Family Magazine, June 2015

"...these lyrics are funny and fun.  And it shows both girls and boys that they do not have to fit into gender roles: girls can be just as strong, smart, unique, loud and SILLY FUNNY as boys! "  - The Review Broads, June 15, 2015


"Goo On My Shoe is just as much fun as it sounds!" - Mama Likes This,

"I love the way Kelly takes little events in a kids’ life and turns them into a song, like not wanting to eat supper but wanting dessert, or getting your shoe stuck on the sidewalk in the title song."   -


"...overall silly yet interestingly relatable lyrical content." -